TUI is flying today to the Spanish island of La Palma, to pick up almost eighty Dutch people who would actually return to the Netherlands a day earlier.

The flight could not be operated on Wednesday, because the volcanic eruption of Sunday afternoon still had ash in the air, which could cause problems for aircraft.

On Wednesdays and Sundays, TUI normally has combined flights to Tenerife and La Palma, from both Brussels and Amsterdam.

These skipped La Palma on Wednesday.

"The flight is now on its way there and the travelers will land at Schiphol in the afternoon," said the spokesperson for the travel organization.

TUI will no longer bring new travelers to the island where a volcanic eruption took place on Sunday.

Holidaymakers who want to return home earlier are also offered this option.

Earlier, holidaymakers who were on La Palma via TUI were evacuated from their hotel by the local authorities.

Some had to leave the hotel in a hurry and were left without belongings, including passports.