The Dutch spend a lot more money on their energy bills.

Comparison site Pricewise has found that an average household saw its energy bill rise by 360 euros in the first half of this year.

Compared to last year, the increase was even more than 500 euros.

According to Pricewise, the strong increase is due to the increasing shortages of gas and the expensive generation of electricity.

Pricewise previously noted that the demand for gas is greater than the supply.

The generation of electricity is also very expensive, because there was relatively little sun and wind for a long time.

Pricewise's calculations are based on the prices for a one-year fixed contract with a consumption of 3,500 kWh of electricity and 1,500 cubic meters of gas.

One-year gas rates are currently at their all-time high.

Electricity tariffs hit their highest point since 2009, Pricewise said.

Energy specialist Tomas Bleker of the price comparator is also gloomy about the outlook for the coming period.

"If prices continue to rise, it will be a very expensive winter, where you can expect that the variable energy rates will also see an increase from 1 January."

Pricewise also reports, based on a poll of a thousand people, that many people are concerned about rising energy rates.

About three in ten respondents say it will be difficult to pay energy bills if tariffs continue to rise at this rate.