Outgoing Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said on Tuesday evening that he would like to enter into discussions with employers about whether or not to use the corona admission ticket.

That is not possible on the basis of the current law, but De Jonge is not unsympathetic to discussions "about what is possible."

A vaccination obligation in the workplace is out of the question, the minister emphasized.

It is legal in the Netherlands that employers are not allowed to record the vaccination status of employees, but according to De Jonge it can be useful in some work situations to ask for the corona admission ticket.

"I think that's a realistic question from employers."

The minister wants to discuss this with employers and employees, in order to map out in which situations this would be necessary.

If there is a need, we will explore how the law should be amended.

De Jonge points to healthcare as an example: "In healthcare, employers are not only responsible for the employees, but also for vulnerable people who are admitted. Then it is logical that they are asked whether employees have been vaccinated."

For the time being, employers are not allowed to require their employees to have their corona admission ticket scanned before they walk into the office.

An employer may ask its employees whether they have been vaccinated, but under Dutch law employees are not obliged to answer this.