Work at VDL Nedcar, the only car factory in the Netherlands, has been halted since Monday due to a chip shortage.

Production will resume on Thursday and Friday, a spokesperson confirmed to on Tuesday after reporting by







VDL Nedcar, like many other automakers, has been suffering from the shortage of electronic components for months.

Since the corona crisis has erupted and people often have to work from home, people have been investing in better laptops or gaming computers.

As a result, the demand for computer chips, among other things, has increased enormously, which has led to a shortage among manufacturers.

Automakers seem to be suffering the most at the moment.

Cars contain many electronic components to control driver assistance systems.

Because fewer cars can be built due to the chip shortage, several factories had to temporarily close their doors.

The Limburg VDL Nedcar opened last month a week longer than planned after the summer closure of three weeks, but is now again on hold.

"We always look a week ahead and are in close contact with BMW for this," a spokesperson tells

BMW has Minis and X1s made in Limburg and VDL Nedcar is therefore dependent on the deliveries of the German company.

This week the factory in Born will be closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Whether production problems are also expected next week, the spokesperson could not say yet.