French winegrowers will produce 24 to 30 percent less wine this year than in 2020, the French Ministry of Agriculture thinks.

Estimates are for 32.6 to 35.6 million hectoliters of wine by the end of 2021, which is the smallest number to date.

The culprit this time is not the corona crisis, but the weather.

This year it was colder than usual during the spring and there was more rain than in other years.

In 1991 and 2017, farmers also suffered from such a spring frost, but in 2017 36.7 million hectoliters were finally produced.

If the forecasts come true, France will therefore produce 24 to 30 percent less wine this year than a year ago.

Last year, wine exports brought in about 8.5 billion euros to France.

The wine harvest in other wine-producing countries is also not doing so well this year.

In April it turned out that all European winegrowers are suffering from the bad weather and the floods in Belgium and Germany have added to this in recent weeks.

In Germany, a number of farmers saw their entire wine harvest fall into the water and the Belgian wine industry also fears a less good year. Dutch winegrowers, on the other hand, were less affected by the floods.