KWF Kankerbestrijding is in consultation with interest groups to help investigate the emissions of Tata Steel in IJmuiden.

The foundation wants to use its knowledge and experience within the organization to help local residents.

The foundation offers to help with independent research into the harmfulness of the emissions from the steel complex near the North Sea coast.

"We have many years of experience in the field of scientific research. We are happy to make our network and expertise available to support this initiative", says director Johan van de Gronden.

"Like the residents, we want clarity about the cause of the increased lung cancer rates in the area."

Local residents do not trust the GGD and RIVM, which they believe are sensitive to the lobby of Tata Steel and therefore do not want to conduct research into the increased risk of cancer and other diseases in the area.

On Wednesday, the IJmondig foundations, and Schapenduinen, announced that they will therefore be measuring emissions and discharges themselves with drones and underwater robots.

According to chairman Jan de Jong of Stichting Schapenduinen, GGD and RIVM are "a willing wind vane of the Tata Steel lobby".

According to De Jong, the steel company may calculate all emissions and discharges itself instead of (verifiably) certified measurements.

KWF announced on Thursday evening that it was in talks with the foundations to further develop the collaboration.