The container ship Ever Given, which blocked the Suez Canal in March, has suffered additional delays and will therefore arrive in the port of Rotterdam one day later.

The ship is expected to dock at a container terminal of the transshipment company ECT on Thursday at 5.00 am and will remain there until 3 August for loading and unloading.

Then it leaves for Felixstowe in England.

The ship Ever Given became world famous in March when it became moored transversely in the Suez Canal, a very important part of one of the main routes of international shipping.

The blockade created a traffic jam of hundreds of ships, which naturally led to a lot of delay.

As a result, companies did not receive their goods until days or weeks later than they had planned.

Anyone who has goods on the Ever Given itself has to wait months.

This was because the ship had to remain on the chain for months after it was refloated at the end of March.

During that period, the owner of the ship and the manager of the Suez Canal argued about compensation.

At the beginning of July, the container ship left the channel.

It was then anchored for several days at the Egyptian port of Port Said.

The Ever Given is now on its way to Rotterdam.

At the time of writing, the container ship is sailing off the coast of Brittany.