Dutch consumers spent 8.8 percent more in May than in the same month a year earlier.

More was spent on almost everything.

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on Thursday.

An important cause is the relaxation of the corona restrictions.

In May, consumers spent no less than 19.5 percent more on what CBS calls 'durable goods'.

This includes clothing, shoes and passenger cars.

10.9% more was also spent on gas, electricity and car fuels.

The increase for food and drink was limited, at just 0.5 percent.

Statistics Netherlands does not provide an explanation, but it seems obvious that it is because turnover at supermarkets and specialty stores was already at a high level last year.

This is in contrast to many other stores, where significantly less was sold last year.

The Dutch not only spent more on goods, but also on services, with a plus of 6.8 percent.

This includes a visit to the hairdresser, a restaurant, a football match, an amusement park or taking out a telephone subscription.

Online sales also rose by 16 percent.