Destinations such as Ibiza and the Canary Islands, which are popular for Dutch holidaymakers, go orange.

Traveling there is discouraged, especially now that the high season has to run at full speed.

The Netherlands is now colored red on the European map, which mainly leads to more uncertainty for the traveler.

"In just over a week, the perspective has completely changed," says director Frank Oostdam of the ANVR travel umbrella.

"Tens of thousands of holidaymakers see their holiday fall into the water."

Travel organizations TUI and Sunweb agree - with fresh reluctance - with the travel advice of the government and are temporarily canceling their trips to the Spanish islands, mainland Portugal and Cyprus.

Only Corendon leaves the travel advice for what they are.

"We let people choose for themselves whether they want to go or not," says CEO Steven van der Heijden.

"The situation in the Netherlands and the areas that are now or are going orange are not very different."

With all tour operators, people who have booked a trip to one of the orange destinations can in all cases get their money back or can rebook.

'We have to cancel tens of thousands of events'

Sunweb is happy that Greece is their biggest destination and travel there is still allowed.

"It is a shame that uncertainty about travel has increased so much," says a spokesperson for the second largest travel organization in the Netherlands.

"Festival organizers receive compensation from the government because their events are being cancelled. We have to cancel tens of thousands of events, we call that bookings," says ANVR director.

"In terms of timing, this is very unfortunate, we are in the middle of the high season."

He accuses the cabinet that the corona measures have been relaxed too quickly and that 'code red' has suddenly become a thing.

"Until a few weeks ago, the Netherlands was colored red on the European map for months. If that becomes the case again, that will in principle not change anything for travel, but people now think that they can no longer book anything," said Oostdam.

"It is really not the case that Europe is suddenly closing like an oyster."

The rules for travel remain the same, even now that the Netherlands is indeed red again, he assures.

"Whereas the corona certificate is leading. Anyone who has been vaccinated, recently tested negative or has had corona really does not need to be quarantined."

The ANVR foreman cannot imagine that countries will deviate from this.

"That would be against the European agreements."

TUI Netherlands has announced that it has to disappoint tens of thousands of holidaymakers, at Sunweb it concerns thousands.

The North region has been on holiday since last week, from Friday it will be the turn of the Central region.