Earlier this year, 29,393 mostly young Dutch investors traded in shares of game store chain GameStop, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) reported on Wednesday after an investigation.

The average total purchased value was $11,532 ($9,469).

GameStop stock rose in value thanks to an online call to buy the shares, exposing hedge funds that had been betting on a fall.

Between January and March, the GameStop share price rose from about $17 to more than $347, mainly thanks to the interference of members of the investor forum WallStreetBets on the major American site Reddit.

This group decided en masse to buy shares in GameStop, a retail chain that sells video games.

Dutch private investors then also participated in the hype, who, according to the AFM, had not previously traded in GameStop shares.

The average age was 31 years, the average purchase price of a share $189.

Usually it didn't stop at a share.

At least forty investors bought more than 1 million dollars worth of shares, whether or not through multiple transactions.

The average total purchased value was $11,532.

The GameStop share was even the most traded share in February and March due to the craze that arose around the trade at some Dutch brokers.

Investors got in relatively late.

About 80 percent of the group traded at or below a price of $279 a share, while the remaining 20 percent had already entered when the price approached the $100 mark.

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