KLM CEO Pieter Elbers argues that travel restrictions that apply as a result of the corona crisis are seriously hindering the recovery of aviation and therefore also his society.

According to him, limiting air traffic is not necessarily an effective method to contain the virus, he said on Thursday in an explanation of the first quarter results of KLM.

"It is an illusion that you can put walls around countries and people no longer travel. In any way whatsoever," says Elbers when asked whether travel might contribute to the spread of the virus.

"Above all, you have to look at how you can prevent spread as well as possible."

The KLM CEO refers to the very beginning of the corona crisis, in which countries were 'locked up'.

"The next phase is testing and the next phase is vaccinating and traveling with vaccination certificates.

He also remains critical of the restrictions that currently apply and whether they are necessary in the context of public health.

"Those restrictions are imposed because the situation gives rise to them for politics. And that is related to health."

No new reorganisations

Elbers does not think that KLM should intervene further at the company to cope with the financial consequences of the crisis.

"Last year we intervened hard. One in six KLM employees left as a result."

At the beginning of this year, the company announced that eight hundred to a thousand jobs were still at stake this year.

This mainly relates to cabin crew and Elbers is now talking about eight hundred jobs.

"There is no reason to make any further announcements. As soon as the number of people who have been vaccinated increases, the demand for travel will pick up again quickly, which we are now seeing in the US."

KLM wants to be ready for this and therefore does not go too far with cutting the organization.