Which entrepreneur does not want it: come up with a solution or product that no one had thought of before.

In this series, entrepreneurs talk about the gap in the market they discovered and their way there.

This time: a plant-based addition to dog food.

  • What:

    Van Pom, vegan complementary dog ​​food

  • Creator:

    Priscilla van Ooijen

  • How many sold:

    almost a thousand cups

What exactly is Van Pom?

"A freshly prepared vegetable supplement to your dog's regular diet."

How did you get the idea?

"My own dog Pom is allergic to beef, but it turned out to be in almost everything. When she eats it, it makes her very miserable, so sad. Then I started looking for a solution. First I came to fresh meat rolls. but you have to complete it yourself with premixes and vegetables. Eventually I started experimenting and came up with a vegetable supplement. We now have four different ready-to-use mixes of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs in the range that you can give in addition to raw meat or chunks. "

Dogs are carnivores.

Can they live on a plant-based diet?

"I know that there is a lot of discussion on this subject, but I have discussed it with experts and they also confirm that the supplementary feeding of vegetables is possible in a responsible way. There are varieties that are less suitable for it, but with the average house dog can do fine. Many people feed their animal raw meat, but nowadays that is no longer complete food. Other dogs get kibble, but sometimes do not like it anymore. You and your family like varied food too, why should don't you offer it to a dog who is also part of the family? "

"Because dogs don't have molar teeth to grind the cell walls of the vegetables, most of the ingredients are boiled or steamed and we mash everything."

How did you come up with this product?

"In consultation with a dog food expert, we looked at what kind of food dogs can tolerate well. Since dogs don't have molar teeth to grind the cell walls of the vegetables, most of the ingredients are boiled or steamed and we mashed everything. Then we tested on several different types of food. dogs. My own dog was also among them. "

What did she think of the vegetable food?

"Pom likes the mix of sweet potato with lentils best. But she actually likes everything. It's a French bulldog, so a real gobbler."

What are the plans for the future?

"Further expansion. Our products are now in about fifteen stores and are available online throughout the Netherlands. As of May 1, we also want to offer our products for sale online in Belgium."