Several hundred employees of the wholesale company Makro will lose their current job.

They will, however, be given the opportunity to apply for a different position within the company.

A spokesperson for Makro confirms this after reporting from

RTL News


On Monday it was announced that supermarket chain Jumbo is also taking similar steps.

Makro, which is part of the German Metro Group, plans to overhaul its sales organization in the Netherlands.

These changes affect around 200 full-time positions, which in this case amounts to around 300 employees.

They have to apply for other positions within Makro.

According to the company, the goal is to retain as many employees as possible.

It is unclear how many employees Makro expects to be able to keep.

A spokesperson added that new features are also being added.

Makro has around twenty branches in the Netherlands.

Nearly 10 percent of the company's employees are affected by the reorganization, which is part of a larger plan to boost the company's bottom line.

Jumbo is also going to reorganize

The news from Makro comes a day after supermarket chain Jumbo announced a reorganization.

The plans affect about 4,500 employees.

The staff members must apply for a new position within Jumbo.

About 10 percent of the employees concerned can end up in a lower position, financial director Ton van Veen reports to



There is also a possibility that there is no place for them within the company.

With the reorganization, the supermarket chain wants to "respond better to the current and future wishes of the customer".

Jumbo will implement the changes after the summer.