The Amsterdam AEX index closed at a new record level on Thursday.

The main index ended at 708.43 points.

With that, the old highest final score of 701.56 points of September 4, 2000 was amply broken.

That record dates back to the internet boom at the beginning of this century.

The AEX has been hiccups against the record for a while.

On Wednesday, the stock market briefly touched the 704.25, but that record was broken again on Thursday with a new highest intermediate score of 710.95.

The fact that the AEX index reached a new record on Thursday does not mean that the economy is doing better than ever. Due to the corona crisis, 2020 was a bad year with an economic contraction of 3.7 percent. Although recovery is expected this year, the economy will not return to the pre-pandemic level. It is also expected that unemployment will rise further this year and more companies will go bust.