The AEX, the Amsterdam stock exchange on the Damrak, tapped 703.37 points on Wednesday, breaking the record of 703.18 points in 2000. The stock market gauge had been approaching that point for some time.

Although the economy is in a slump everywhere, this is not noticeable on the stock market.

The American stock markets are ticking one record after another and now our own AEX is also on a record.

During the stock market trading on Wednesday, the index reached 703.37 points.

That is the highest point since September 4, 2000, when the exchange closed at 701.56 points and hit 703.18 points during trading.

That was at the height of the internet boom, when every company that did something with the internet got a good number of investors behind it.

After the bubble burst, the index fell to a low of 218.44 points in March 2003.

Earlier this week, the Amsterdam stock exchange reached more than 700 points for the first time in twenty years.

Due to the many support measures following the corona pandemic, a lot of money is circulating in the economy, which is why people are looking for returns, experts explain the boom of the past year.

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