The benefits agency UWV has now paid 670 million euros in the fourth period of the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW).

The benefits agency reports this on Friday.

In total, 54,000 applications for wage support have been received so far, of which 44,000 have now been granted.

Employers are eligible for the NOW if they have suffered a minimum of 20 percent loss of sales over a three-month period.

They receive a maximum compensation of 85 percent in the event of a complete loss of turnover.

That is slightly more than with the third period of the NOW, when the maximum was 80 percent.

The fourth period of NOW wage support will run until the end of March.

From next week, employers can also contact the UWV for a definitive calculation for the second period of NOW support.

On the basis of this, it is checked whether the advance on the wage support was actually justified.

This was already possible for the first NOW period, and from March 15 it is also possible for the second, which ran from June to September.

"That is especially nice for employers who expect a supplementary payment on their advance," says UWV director Janet Helder.

The UWV gives employers until January 5, 2022 to submit the final calculation.

Employers who have to repay a substantial sum of the NOW support can turn to the benefits agency for help.

"We are very well aware that a recovery is very inconvenient for many employers at this time. It has therefore been agreed with the ministry that UWV can make very generous payment arrangements with employers. We are talking about a period of a year or longer, depending on the situation. the personal situation. Postponement of payment is also possible ", Helder concludes.