The Dutch State is filing a complaint against car company Stellantis.

This is because it would have tampered with the emissions of one of its models, the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This is what State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven of Infrastructure writes in answers to parliamentary questions from D66.

The Suzuki Vitara would also have been tampered with.

The car uses engines from Stellantis, which was created last year through the merger of car manufacturers Fiat-Chrysler and PSA.

At the beginning of last year, the RDW concluded that both cars had been tampered with.

The values ​​during emission tests turned out to be lower than in practice.

As a result, a total of more than 700 Jeeps and Suzuki's have been recalled for a mandatory software update.

A few years earlier it turned out that Volkswagen, among others, would have tampered with the emissions of diesel cars.

This resulted in many claims and fines for the company, for which the German car manufacturer has reserved a total of 6.5 billion euros.

Various directors have also been convicted.

Legal proceedings are still pending against others.

During the tampering, some manufacturers disabled systems that return exhaust fumes to the engine, thus reducing nitrogen emissions.

The argument was that this would protect the engines.

The soot particles in the recycled air could lead to blockages.

Last December, the European Court of Justice ruled that this practice is illegal.

The ruling applies to all car manufacturers.

Other car models may no longer be allowed on the road after the judgment of the Court.

The RDW, which is concerned with, among other things, the admission and environmental requirements of cars, is investigating what the ruling means in practice.