A few dozen shopkeepers in Klazienaveen in Drenthe were open on Tuesday morning in protest against the cabinet's corona policy.

Among other things, fashion stores, a sports shop and the local Bruna were opened.

After a warning from the municipality, the entrepreneurs closed around 10.15 am.

They were open since 9am.

"We don't want a revolution, it is now up to politics", says Harrie van der Velde, chairman of the Klazienaveen Centrum retailers' association.

As far as is known, no fines have been issued.

According to Van der Velde, the action was necessary to prevent even more entrepreneurs from going bankrupt.

"Entrepreneurs will definitely fall over, that's for sure, but the longer it takes, the worse it will get", he tells NU.nl.

"We have no choice but to do this promotion, because with the current rules from The Hague it is impossible to generate a decent turnover."

The action would have been followed in surrounding municipalities, the Groningen municipality of Stadskanaal and, according to Van der Velde, shops were opened all over the country, albeit less organized.

"But the protest is very widespread," he concludes.


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