The income tax return period started on Monday.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the emphasis of the campaign surrounding the declaration this year is on changes in the personal situation.

People need to be extra alert to this.

In addition, the report is dominated by the corona crisis.

For example, homeowners who have agreed on a payment break with their lender will have to pay close attention when completing the interest deduction section.

"Usually, interest that was not paid in the tax year itself cannot be deducted," said a spokesperson for the tax authorities at the Ministry of Finance.

In addition, the Tax and Customs Administration advises to be extra vigilant this year for changes in the personal situation, given that many mortgages were refinanced in the past year and as many mortgage applications were never made as in 2020.

The Tax and Customs Administration takes corona schemes into account

For entrepreneurs, the Tax and Customs Administration is taking into account the already received corona schemes this year.

This means, among other things, that the Temporary Bridging Scheme for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (Tozo) and the Temporary Bridging Scheme for Flexible Workers (TOFA) will already be completed on the income tax return.

In addition, the Tax and Customs Administration will point out to entrepreneurs the headings that relate to matters such as the Policy Rule on Compensation for Entrepreneurs Affected Sectors COVID-19 (TOGS) and the Allowance for Fixed Expenses (TVL).

Until, the declaration will refer to the relaxed hours criterion.

Above all, the Tax and Customs Administration points out to entrepreneurs that submitting the tax return on time can yield them financial benefits.

"As an entrepreneur, you can have a negative income for 2020 due to corona, because the costs were higher than the income. In that case, the Tax and Customs Administration will automatically settle this with the positive income of the three previous years. This allows entrepreneurs to get tax back", so late know the ministry.

The Tax and Customs Administration has sent the well-known blue envelope to approximately 6.8 million private individuals and 1.5 million entrepreneurs.

It is possible to file a declaration until 1 May.

Filing a declaration before 1 April means that you will hear before 1 July whether you will be refunded or whether you should pay.

Help with the declaration from the tax authorities is possible and it is expected that some 40,000 people will make use of it.