The tanning salons are also going to court to enforce reopening, interest group SVZ reports Monday.

After the catering industry, non-food retailers and market vendors, they are already the fourth sector to go to court.

The studios have been forced to keep their doors closed by the cabinet since mid-December.

They think it is unjustified.

For example, the studios are surprised that hairdressers and beauty salons, for example, are allowed to open, while the tanning beds are not allowed because they are classified as a 'public place'.

"Why is a tanning salon a public place and are massage, beauty, nail and hair salons, which may be open from 3 March, not?" Asks the SVZ.

The association points out that there are more contact moments at hairdressers and beauty salons.

Moreover, according to the SVZ, the 1.5 meters can be maintained at tanning studios, work can be done by appointment and each tanning bed is in a separate room.

The association also wonders what the difference is between renting out a hotel room, which is allowed, and a room with a solarium.

The studios will remain closed for the time being pending the court decision.

It is not yet known when the case will be filed.

Various other sectors have recently announced that they are going to court to force reopening.

For example, the Central Association for Ambulatory Trade (CVAH) wants market vendors who do not sell food to be able to rebuild their stalls.

Industry association for sports, clothing and shoe stores INretail also decided to take legal action.

Last week, the catering association KHN also announced that it would go to court.

Some of the catering companies have also announced that they will open their doors on Tuesday 2 March.

It is not entirely clear how many companies will participate and how many of them will actually serve drinks.