The House of Representatives wants the pill and other contraceptives to be included in the basic health insurance package again.

A majority on Thursday supported a motion by PvdA MP Attje Kuiken calling on the cabinet to arrange this.

It concerns a wide range of contraceptives that can be obtained from the doctor, but not condoms.

Proponents believe that every woman should have access to optimal contraception and that this should not depend on women's financial situation.

Kuiken is very happy with the support.

"Contraception is not a luxury but a necessity. Enjoy it, but also safe and protected."

The contraceptive pill was removed from the basic insurance in 2011, because there would be no medical necessity for it.

Girls under the age of 18 will still be reimbursed for the pill under the basic insurance.

This is also the case between the ages of 18 and 21, but costs are deducted from the deductible.

From the age of 21, women must pay themselves or take out additional insurance.

Previously, the House was against the return of the pill in the basic package.

Various interest groups such as Rutgers and abortion doctors then advocated, mainly to combat the number of abortions.

Last year, interest groups campaigned to enforce free contraception for everyone.

Tens of thousands of people signed a petition for this, but even then a PvdA motion did not make it to the House.

The coalition parties, PVV and SGP voted against.