Starting a successful business involves trial and error.

Fortunately, there are plenty of books about business that can help you further.


The Golden Reading Tip

, successful entrepreneurs talk about the book that has brought them the most.

This week Evelyn van Hasselt (left), together with Karlijn Visser (right), founder of holistic website Holistik.

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    Evelyn van Hasselt

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    by Johann Hari

It started with the idea of ​​making people feel more connected.

Almost five years later, the online platform Holistik has 800,000 unique visitors per month and 65,000 newsletter subscribers.

It is no surprise to Evelyn van Hasselt.

"In this fast-paced and performance-oriented world, people need relaxation and connection, as a counterbalance to the hard work that is so natural for everyone."

Why did you choose this book?

"I read it two years ago and was taken by surprise. The author has suffered from depression all his life, but the antidepressants he takes don't work, or less and less. Hari looks for the causes of depression and comes out on seven forms of disconnection. When people lose connection with meaningful work, nature or others, for example, they can become gloomy and depressed. Restoring the connection between people and their environment is precisely the starting point of Holistik. "

How do you do that, restore the connection?

"We see Holistik as an online campfire, where everyone is welcome. We write articles about personal and spiritual development and living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Our readers are meant to feel part of the Holistik family. "

"For many people it is easier to go to the doctor in case of depression and get a solution in a blister pack."

That sounds very cuddly tree ...

"Make no mistake, self-reflection and personal growth can be quite confronting. For many people it is easier to go to the doctor when they experience depression and get a solution in a blister pack. If you have sleeping problems, you can take a pill or the deeper one. tracing and tackling causes. Hari shows convincingly that antidepressants usually do not help, certainly not in the long term. Only a very small group with very serious complaints benefit from them. "

How do you apply these insights in your own life?

"As an entrepreneur I can only do my job well if I feel good physically and mentally. Physically that means healthy eating and enough sleep, among other things. But if I am not mentally balanced, it also has an impact on my physical condition. Body and mind are closely linked. To stay mentally fit I try to prevent stress, for example by walking outside for at least an hour every day. "

Who would you recommend this book to?

"To everyone, especially the people who feel less good mentally. There are more than a million people in the Netherlands who take antidepressants, they can be of great benefit anyway. If you are physically and mentally unbalanced, it is difficult to function professionally. "