Amsterdam passed London last month as the largest equity trading center.

This is evident from figures from trading platform Cboe for the month of January.

The reason for this is that various platforms and investors have moved from London to Amsterdam due to Brexit.

Last month, approximately € 9.2 billion was traded daily in the Dutch capital.

In London, the counter stuck at 8.6 billion a day.

That is quite a contrast to last year, when London was by far the largest European trading center for equities, with daily trading of 17.5 billion euros.

Frankfurt was then number two with 5.9 billion, while Amsterdam had to do with sixth place (average 2.6 billion).

Due to the British departure from the European Union, which technically took place on January 1, 2021, various trading platforms decided to opt for Amsterdam, now that London is no longer part of the EU.

For example, Cboe itself opened a hub in the Dutch capital, as well as Turquoise, which is part of the London Stock Exchange.

Partly because of this, around 6 billion euros worth of trade left the British capital at the beginning of January.

For example, Euronext, which includes the Amsterdam stock exchange, announced on Wednesday that trade in Amsterdam grew last month.

Incidentally, it is not only about share trading that left London, the trading in derivatives has also been partly moved to Amsterdam.

Emissions trading is likely to move later this year.

Trade in London is expected to pick up somewhat in the near future.

This is because Swiss shares stopped trading in June 2019, but is gradually returning.

At present, about 250 million euros a day is still traded in Swiss securities in the British capital, but this is expected to grow to about 1 billion euros.