The newly appointed US government wants to review its policy on import tariffs on goods from the European Union.

A spokesman for the president announced on Friday that import duties are high on the political agenda.

This includes import tariffs on steel and aluminum, which the EU previously called on the new president Joe Biden to lift immediately.

Brussels also wants Washington to work on a solution to the ongoing conflict between the economic power blocs about aviation subsidies.

Both have been in conflict about this for sixteen years.

Washington accused European countries of secretly supporting the French aircraft manufacturer Airbus with favorable loans.

The EU, in turn, believes that the American Boeing has been helped with advantageous tax rules.

In response to the dispute, additional trade tariffs were imposed on both sides.

These again received the approval of the World Trade Organization WTO.

Several member states in the EU want to strengthen ties with the US with the arrival of Biden.

This should also put an end to the problems posed by the levies imposed by previous President Donald Trump.