Tesla has made a full year profit for the first time in its 17-year history.

The American manufacturer of electric cars closed 2020 with a profit of 721 million dollars (595 million euros), according to annual figures presented Wednesday night.

In 2019, Tesla made a loss of $ 862 million.

The black figures at Tesla did not come as a surprise, since the manufacturer was already profitable in the first three quarters despite the corona crisis.

The fourth quarter was also successfully closed with a profit of 270 million dollars (222 million euros).

Tesla expects a lot from the new Model Y for this year. The car is already for sale in the United States.

There, the Model Y is already more successful than the Model 3. Earlier this month, the first deliveries of the Model Y in China started, and the car will also come to Europe in the course of this year.

Production of the Model Y in Berlin must also start in 2021.

Tesla delivered a record number of 499,550 electric cars in 2020, an increase of 36 percent compared to a year earlier and more than double the number of deliveries in 2018.

With nearly half a million deliveries, Tesla was by far the world's most successful electric car manufacturer last year.

The brand sold nearly four times as much as its closest predators, BYD from China and Volkswagen.

In the Netherlands, Tesla was a lot less successful in 2020.

Sales fell by 71 percent to just under nine thousand copies.

Elsewhere in Europe things went better;

The Model 3 took second place in the European sales list for electric cars with over 85,000 units, behind the Renault Zoe.