The next cabinet must look again at the opening of Lelystad Airport.

The House of Representatives has declared the subject controversial, which means that the outgoing cabinet may no longer discuss it.

An opening in 2021 therefore seems to be over.

A large majority, including coalition parties CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie, decided to declare the subject controversial.

Since the elections are in March and the formation of a new cabinet can take a long time, it does not seem realistic that the planned opening in November can still be achieved.

Lelystad airport should actually have opened in 2020.

The plan was that the airport would mainly take over holiday flights from Schiphol, but the corona crisis threw a spanner in the works.

Because the number of flight movements decreased sharply, there was suddenly no longer any major congestion at Schiphol and the need for Lelystad Airport was less urgent.

In addition, the rejection of the nitrogen policy by the Council of State had an impact on the opening of the airport.

The cabinet has incorrectly calculated the impact of Lelystad Airport on nitrogen precipitation in the area, a report showed.

Problems with noise pollution and European rules previously prevented the airport from opening in 2019.

According to research by

Omroep Flevoland

and research platform Follow the Money, the expansion of Lelystad Airport already cost more than 214 million euros.

The lion's share of the amount invested so far has been spent on the renovation of the airport itself.

For example, the new terminal would have cost 18.8 million euros and an increase of the control tower and extension of the fire service together would have cost 15.5 million euros.