The American airline Delta Air Lines wants to have 400 of the 1,700 grounded pilots in the air again this summer.

The company is confident that aviation will recover quickly if vaccines are widely available,


news agency reported

Monday, based on a memo.

The airline had previously planned to reduce the number of pilots flying in the summer, but a company executive writes that Delta is ahead of schedule.

The airline, a partner of Air France-KLM, expects to be able to break even again in the second quarter and even make a profit in the third quarter.

"We are cautiously optimistic about recovery in demand when sufficient vaccines become available and look forward to putting all pilots back to work," the memo said.

Delta didn't want to tell Bloomberg what percent of normal capacity it expects to be in the summer.

Delta employed nearly 15,000 pilots in 2019.

So far, no pilots have been fired due to the corona crisis.

This fall it wanted to fire pilots, but after consultation with employees, 1,700 pilots were temporarily grounded with a lower salary.