In nine months, the wealth of the richest 1,000 billionaires on Earth have recovered from the corona crisis.

But it could take another ten years before the poorest people in the world recover financially from the corona crisis, Oxfam Novib said in a report on Monday.

The organization is based, among other things, on a report from the World Bank.

For the report Oxfam Novib also questioned 295 economists from 79 different countries about their views on the recovery from the corona crisis.

87 percent of those economists expect that income inequality in their country will increase or even increase sharply due to the pandemic.

More than half of economists expect gender inequality to increase and more than two in three economists expect inequality based on descent to increase.

Finally, Oxfam Novib states that women in particular are financially affected by the corona crisis.

Women are overrepresented in sectors that are hard hit by the crisis, according to the organization.

If the same number of men and women were employed in those sectors, 112 million women worldwide would no longer be at risk of losing their income and jobs.