Volkswagen, the largest car manufacturer in the world, saw its profit halve last year.

This was partly because the company had to close factories due to the outbreak of COVID-19 factories.

However, the group was able to deliver more cars in the last months of 2020, the German car manufacturer reported Friday.

Volkswagen's operating profit amounted to 10 billion euros last year.

A year before, the German company had a profit of 19.3 billion.

The good results were mainly achieved in the second half of the year.

The manufacturer was still in the red for the first six months of 2020.

The company was particularly painful in the spring, with the month of April as a low point, when sales almost halved.

Since then, the carmaker has recovered from the blow it received in the spring.

Profits were made again in the third quarter.

In December, sales had even increased by 1.7 percent, while the automotive sector as a whole had to do with a decrease of 4 percent.

The company is also delighted that the number of cars delivered in the fourth quarter was higher than in the third quarter.