On Thursday, the National Railways (NS) made a final offer for a new employment contract.

In the new offer, wages will be increased by about 4 percent in the next two years and the Dutch Railways promises not to force redundancies until 2025.

FNV, the largest trade union, will present the final offer to its members.

The railway company has been arguing with unions about a new employment contract for a long time.

Negotiations about this started in February last year, just before the corona pandemic brought a large part of train traffic in the Netherlands to a standstill.

Due to the corona crisis and the accumulating financial problems, the Dutch Railways decided in June to cut around 2,300 jobs.

This round of dismissal also remains in the collective labor agreement final offer.

The union does, however, receive an employment guarantee in return until 2025.

FNV director Roos Rahimi calls the agreement "a good arrangement that can be of great benefit to members whose work is in danger of disappearing".

On top of this is a salary increase of about 4 percent in total up to and including 2022, plus a one-off net payment of 200 euros.

Whether the final offer is good enough is up to the members of the FNV, says FNV director Henri Janssen.

"They either think this is good or we go a step further and an ultimatum is sent to the NS management."

Union members will vote on the final offer in February.