The checks on discriminatory vacancies on job sites are inadequate, according to research carried out on behalf of the Inspectorate SZW.

Minister of Social Affairs Wouter Koolmees called the situation on Thursday in a letter to the House of Representatives "completely unacceptable".

Certain 'mystery guests' presented themselves for the investigation as employers who wanted to place an advertisement for a vacancy, containing discriminatory sentences.

Of the 201 attempts, 85 percent turned out to be successful: these vacancies were posted on the sites and could remain for at least two days.

After that period, the mystery guests took them offline themselves, because it was an experiment.

Minister Koolmees has sent the investigation to the Lower House.

"It shows that there is no control on the content of vacancies on many platforms," ​​says the minister.

"This is a strong conclusion and completely unacceptable."

Koolmees emphasizes that legislation is in the making to take stricter action against discrimination in the labor market.

This intention was already in the coalition agreement.

The role of job sites will "partly in view of the results of the research" also be included in the rules to combat discrimination.

The Inspectorate SZW will include the results of the investigation in exploratory inspections that will be carried out this year, Koolmees reports.