Airline company KLM is cutting another eight hundred to a thousand jobs now that aviation is not recovering, but the sector is getting increasingly difficult.

KLM announced this on Thursday.

It concerns 500 full-time jobs with cabin crew, 100 pilots and 200 to 400 ground crew employees.

Last year, a major reorganization as a result of the corona crisis had already lost five thousand jobs.

In that reorganization, KLM still assumed a recovery in the course of this year.

"However, it has also been repeatedly indicated by KLM that account was taken of later recovery and thus the downward adjustment of the scenario and thus further reduction of jobs," said the company.

According to KLM, the now announced new round of redundancies is still separate from the new measures that the cabinet has announced in the past 48 hours in the context of the corona crisis.

"The new measures are exemplary for the restrictions and dynamics that we have been dealing with worldwide since the outbreak of the pandemic," says KLM CEO Pieter Elbers.