Former foreman Hans de Boer of VNO-NCW passed away in the night from Sunday to Monday at the age of 66.

The employers' organization reports that De Boer died from the consequences of a brain haemorrhage a few days ago.

"The boards and employees of VNO-NCW and mkb-Nederland are shocked and full of grief about his sudden death, just four months after he stepped down as chairman of VNO-NCW", a statement on the website of VNO-NCW said. .

The current chairman Ingrid Thijssen calls her predecessor socially involved, straightforward and creative.

"For years he has dedicated himself to entrepreneurship in the Netherlands with a great sense of humor and enormous dedication."

Jacco Vonhof, chairman SME Netherlands, calls De Boer a fantastic colleague, but certainly also a mentor: "A man so energetic, full of humor, full of ideas and so many plans is suddenly gone. We are going to miss him enormously and our thoughts are with his family and other loved ones. "