The Dutch and French governments are at odds with each other about state aid to Air France-KLM, Het Financieele Dagblad reports Monday.

The Hague would only want to invest in KLM, while Paris wants the capital injection to go to the entire group.

Earlier in the corona crisis, the aviation group was kept afloat with 3.4 billion euros of government money from the Netherlands and 7 billion euros from France.

This time the conversations are difficult.

According to the FD, it is taken into account that no agreement has been reached at the presentation of the annual figures on 18 February.

Both France and the Netherlands have an interest of approximately 14 percent in the aviation company.

Because travelers are still staying away en masse because of the corona pandemic, further support is needed.

The ailing airline company is now not in acute trouble.

In addition to the direct capital injection, Air France-KLM has already received hundreds of millions in aid through the NOW scheme.