The owner of a pastry shop from Bilthoven does not have to pay a 57-year-old delivery person from the company back wages, the Central Netherlands court ruled on Wednesday.

The employee was put on hold late last year because of his refusal to wear a face mask.

His refusal had led to "a verbal escalation", the verdict says.

The employee was subsequently denied access to the work.

Later he was put on hold.

The judge pointed out the so-called right of instruction of the employer, which can oblige employees to wear a mouth mask.

The employer was thus also entitled to suspend payment of wages.

The employee was more successful with his claim for a different back payment;

his salary had turned out to be too low for 6.5 years according to the collective labor agreement for the Bakkersbedrijf.

He had included this in summary proceedings.

The judge ordered the employer to pay more than 8,000 euros.