Entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business in December were not held back by the tightened lockdown.

In the last month of 2020, almost 25,000 companies were started, which was 19 percent more than a year earlier, according to figures from the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) on Wednesday.

It was the first time in six months that the number of start-ups rose so fast.

Many companies (3,767) were added in December, among others in the retail trade.

This mainly concerns web shops that want to profit from the explosive growth of e-shopping.

The number of starters in the hospitality industry was limited.

Yet in December there were 688 companies in this sector who took the risk.

An increase in the number of start-ups is offset by a decrease (-11 percent) in the number of companies that closed down, whether or not out of necessity, in December.

It was the first time in more than six months that the number of quitters was smaller than the same month last year.

Number of companies grown throughout 2020 despite pandemic

Although the Netherlands had to contend with the consequences of the corona pandemic and the contact-limiting measures for most of the year, the number of companies at the end of 2020 is still higher than a year earlier.

At the end of 2019, our country still had 2,000,404 companies.

At the end of last year there were 2,078,716, an increase of almost 4 percent.

A possible cause of the fact that the number of companies did not fall in the crisis year 2020 is the cabinet's corona support package.

This was set up in the outbreak of the pandemic to absorb the worst economic blows.