The obligation to wear masks has not yet led to major problems for supermarkets.

"There are few incidents and customers generally adhere to them well", a spokesperson for the supermarket association Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL) told

So far it is going well, the CBL heard from its supporters.

"The duty has been going fine so far. Mostly it does not cause any problems," the spokesperson said.

Since December 1, there is a legal obligation for everyone aged thirteen or older to wear a mouth mask in a covered area.

This therefore applies to, among others, customers of supermarkets.

If you do not comply, you risk a fine of 95 euros.

That fine is for the consumer, not for the retailer.

There was some uncertainty about this when the measure was introduced at the beginning of December.

There is, however, an obligation for the retailer to address customers if they are not wearing a mouth mask.

The CBL reports that there are indeed employees at the entrance of supermarkets to actively inform customers of the obligation.