Facebook has closed offices in Ireland that helped reduce US taxes.

This is evident from documents seen by

The Times


The Irish offices owned much of Facebook's intellectual property on paper.

The US branch of the company paid license fees to this, which meant lower profits at the headquarters and less tax.

Documents show that Facebook paid $ 101 million in tax this way in 2018, out of an amount of $ 15 billion.

Figures for 2019 and 2020 have not been released.

Lawsuit is ongoing in United States

Closing the offices seems to put an end to that tax construction.

According to a company spokesperson, the intellectual property has returned to its headquarters in California.

With this, the company is probably responding to a conflict in the United States, where the tax authorities have started a lawsuit against the tech giant.

The latter claims that Facebook misused the Irish office to knowingly evade the tax.