The rents of homes in the social and private sector may be increased by a maximum of 2.4 percent from 1 July 2021, Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Housing) reported earlier this week in a letter to the Lower House.

People with a middle income or higher who live in social housing can receive an increase of up to 5.4 percent.

It is the first time that a maximum rent increase will apply in the free sector.

Since last spring, Ollongren has been working on a law that regulates such a maximum, because otherwise landlords could impose an annual rent increase of 5 to 6 percent.

The bill has yet to be passed.

The maximum rent increase only applies to people who already live in a rental home.

When moving house, a new rental price may be determined.

Landlords of social rental housing may raise prices by a maximum of 5.4 percent if the tenant or tenants have an income of at least 44,655 euros per year.

AOW pensioners and households of four or more persons are excluded from this.