The large supermarket chains have extended their opening hours considerably in the run-up to Christmas.

Many stores that normally close at 8 PM stay open until 10 PM the days before Christmas.

A large number of other branches even remain open until midnight.

Jumbo is doing the most: the Food Market in Breda will remain open for 85 consecutive hours this week.

Customers can also go to many shops on Christmas Day, according to a tour of

The days before Christmas are always busy for supermarkets.

In addition, this year the stores like to spread customers as much as possible over the day due to the corona virus.

As a result, many supermarkets including Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Coop, Dirk and Lidl are open longer this week.

For example, Jumbo customers can visit many branches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 10 pm or even 11.30 pm.

The Brabant supermarket chain has decided to keep the Foodmarkt in Breda open day and night from Monday morning 7 a.m. to Thursday evening 8 p.m.

In this way, the company wants to offer customers the opportunity to come during quiet hours.

Gift card when shopping at night

People who come to do groceries at night between midnight and 6 a.m. receive a gift voucher of 10 euros when purchasing at least 75 euros in groceries.

In this way, customers must be extra stimulated to do their shopping at night.

They can only use this voucher in January.

Albert Heijn has also adjusted the shopping hours.

In the days before Christmas, almost all shops are open until at least 10 p.m.

About ninety AH stores do not even close until midnight.

Lidl has decided to extend the opening hours of all stores this week.

"Sixty of our busiest supermarkets are also open on Christmas Day," said a Lidl spokesperson.

ALDI also makes it possible to pick up groceries at some of the stores on December 25, while many other chains also allow customers to do last-minute shopping for the Christmas dinner.

Wholesalers also spread customers

Not only are supermarket staff working more hours this week, the wholesalers also want to spread their customers as much as possible.

For example, the approximately fifty Sligro branches are all open longer.

Competitor Makro also keeps the doors of the shops open a few hours a day longer on average.

Incidentally, only pass holders can go to the wholesalers.

Trade union FNV is not happy that the shops are open longer and more often around Christmas.

The union fears that a visit to the supermarket will become an outing, which will make the shops unnecessarily busy and increase the risk of infections.

In addition, according to FNV, the staff would like to "spend Christmas with loved ones and not in overcrowded supermarkets".