From 1 December, mouth masks are mandatory in publicly accessible areas, including in all shops.

All nearly 800,000 store employees will wear a mouth mask from Tuesday, the Dutch Retail Council (RND) told when asked.

Retailers will not fight with customers about whether or not to wear the cap, according to a tour of chains such as HEMA, Albert Heijn (AH) and Kruidvat.

"We mainly let our people assess the situation themselves", says the spokesperson for the HEMA.

"It is mandatory for our staff and we ask the customers. The staff may talk to the people, they refuse or call someone in like a boa. What will not happen is that we turn it into a brawl, nobody is there. benefit. "

A spokesperson for AH says that customers will not be evicted from the store.

"We can already see that things are going well, we have no reason to assume that it will suddenly be different from Tuesday."

According to drugstore chain Kruidvat, 80 to 90 percent of customers are already wearing a mouth mask.

"And all of our staff from the start. Maybe this is the last push for that last group of customers. If necessary, we start the conversation, but it is not up to us to maintain it."

Trade association RND also emphasizes this.

"We are not enforcers, we do point it out to people."

So-called full face shields, covering the face from top to bottom, would also be allowed as an alternative for the staff.

So that they don't have to wear a face mask for eight hours.

"We do not recommend it to the supporters," said the RND.

"Because the customer is not allowed to do that either, so just put on a face mask unless there really is no other option."

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Not clear about plexiglass screens

Incidentally, this also applies to customers, the stores emphasize: it is a duty to mask masks unless there is really no other option.

"Customers must demonstrate that they cannot do this for medical reasons," says the Albert Heijn spokesperson.

In that case, customers can make an appointment at the Bijenkorf to shop with a personal shopper.

"Mouth caps have been mandatory for us for two months," says the spokesperson for the chain of luxury stores.

Customers who have no medical reason not to wear one will not enter those stores.

It is not yet entirely clear whether employees who sit behind plexiglass screens, such as cashiers, should or should not wear a mask.