Dutch consumers made a record number of transactions via iDEAL prior to and during Black Friday, according to figures from the Dutch Payments Association on Saturday afternoon.

The record number of iDEAL payments was broken five days in a row this year.

On Black Friday, the number of transactions at web shops even exceeded 1.8 million.

The turnover from iDEAL payments is also significantly higher this year.

On Black Friday, the turnover from iDEAL payments amounted to about 134 million euros.

In 2019 this was still 106 million euros.

The number of debit card transactions at the physical stores was 13 percent lower this year.

This decrease may coincide with the measures surrounding the corona virus.

Still, during the buying festival this year, shops convert more than half a billion euros.

In total, more than eighteen million transactions were made.

The Dutch Payments Association bases its figures on estimates from a major transaction processor.


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