Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, consumers are much more able to find the butcher, greengrocer and fish shop.

There will be even more for the holidays, especially since spreading is the motto and Christmas Day falls on Friday.

"We are getting three Christmas days this year," Joop Holla of market research agency GfK told

The turnover of specialty stores has always been about 30 percent higher in December than in the rest of the year.

Since the first lockdowns, the consumer turnover of the butcher, greengrocer and fish shop is up to tens of percent higher than in previous years.

"I expect December sales to be 40 to 50 percent higher for the holidays," said Holla.

Allie Simonis, owner of the Simonis fish shop in Scheveningen, also expects much higher sales than last year's Christmas.

"Even if the catering industry still opens. People have already made plans or they don't want to go out for dinner", he thinks.

The Simonis store is always open all year round, including Christmas Day.

"We have now taken special measures," says Simonis.

"Customers can wait on the heated terrace, where eighty to ninety people can stand 1.5 meters away."

The business at the Scheveningen harbor also has a restaurant area that is now closed.

“People can go in from that side and out from the shop side,” he explains.

You cannot order online at the fish shop.

"Ordering online may work for an ounce of salmon, but not for fresh fish," Simonis explains.

Little interest in the large turkey

Ordering is the motto at butcher shop Rien Bezooijen in Rotterdam.

"We are open all three Christmas days to collect orders," says the butcher.

Customers can place those orders through an old-fashioned paper list in-store, online and over the phone.

"Since the start of the corona crisis, we have also set up a

drive through

for takeout, such as McDonald's."

The Rotterdam butcher has adapted the assortment for smaller groups for this Christmas.

"The number of orders for the large 7 kilo turkey will be minimal", Bezooijen expects.

"We now make the gourmet dishes for an average of four people, whereas in other years that is for ten to twelve people."

The large salads are also not available this year.

Time slots of one hour have been made for collection.

"In this way we can serve 40 to 50 customers per hour and try to prevent accumulation as much as possible."

According to GfK, supermarkets will also benefit from the long Christmas weekend and the number of supermarkets that are open on Christmas Day is growing every year.

"But it is only a few percent of households that go to the supermarket on Christmas Day," says Holla.

"And that's only for the forgotten messages."