In December, Tesla will be included in the US stock market index S&P 500, the stock index of the largest companies in the United States and an important indicator of the US stock market.

The electric car manufacturer is the largest addition to the list ever, with a market value of approximately 390 billion dollars (about 329 billion euros).

The condition for a place in the index is four consecutive quarterly profits, which Tesla has met since this year.

In the third quarter, the American manufacturer of all-electric cars posted net profit of $ 331 million.

That was not only the fifth consecutive quarterly profit for Tesla, but it also more than doubled the profit from the second quarter.

Admission to the S&P 500 is due December 21. Thanks to the announcement, Tesla stock rose more than 13 percent during after-hours trading. CEO Elon Musk's company is on track to turn a full year's profit for the first time in its history.