The French economy will likely contract by 12 percent in November due to the lockdown introduced at the end of last month, the French central bank announced on Monday.

The hotel and catering industry and retail trade, among others, are having a hard time.

On October 30, the French cabinet decided to reintroduce lockdown measures to deal with the rising number of new corona infections in the country.

Based on a poll of 8,500 companies, Banque de France concludes that there will be 12 percent less economic activity than usual this month.

The sectors in which customer contact is required are expected to be hit hardest with a shrinkage of no less than 40 percent.

This concerns, among other things, the retail trade, transport and the catering industry.

The contraction in industry and construction is expected to be limited to 7 and 8 percent respectively.

Although a sharp contraction is expected, it is still significantly smaller than the blow last spring.

Around the outbreak of COVID-19, there was a decline of no less than 31 percent.

At the time, one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe was introduced in Paris.