The beer turnover in the supermarkets has increased even faster this year than the total supermarket turnover, which is also growing unprecedentedly as a result of the partial lockdowns.

The beer turnover so far accounts for a contribution of 5 percent in the total increase in the income of the supers, according to figures from research and consultancy IRI Nederland on Friday.

Since the first lockdown in March, the total supermarket turnover was 2.4 billion euros higher than last year.

Beer sold for 120 million euros more.

Those are increases of 10.9 percent for the supers and 13 percent for the beer, respectively.

"In the very first period of the lockdown in March, the focus among consumers was mainly on canned goods, rice and toilet paper," says analyst Marijn de Vetter of IRI.

The total supermarket turnover in those days increased by more than 30 percent, the turnover of beer slightly more than 10 percent.

"From Easter, relatively more beer went into the shopping cart", says De Vetter.

"People were at home a lot, the weather was getting better. We saw that in the increased demand for barbecue products and a beer is just part of that."

In those weeks, about 17 percent more was spent on the barley.

When the on-trade reopened in June, the growth leveled off somewhat compared to a year earlier, but remained slightly higher than normal.

"This applies to both the total expenditure in the supermarket and that on beer," says De Vetter.

Highest beer turnover in years in August

That picture changed again in August, when the Netherlands had a holiday, but stayed in their own country en masse.

"We then saw the highest beer sales in recent years. Turnover was more than 50 percent higher than the year before."

This concerned weekly sales of more than 40 million euros.

The expenditure on beer grew slightly faster than the liters, because the slightly more expensive specialty beers are experiencing an enormous growth spurt.

"The trend was already for its consumption to increase, by a few percent per year," says the IRI analyst.

"This year the turnover growth is no less than 30 percent. Lager is really something that is drunk in large groups."