On average one in eight items scanned at the checkout has an incorrect price tag.

This is the conclusion of the Consumers' Association on Saturday after a sample of 700 products, spread over four branches of seven Dutch supermarkets.

It went wrong especially with the largest Dutch supermarkets: no less than 22 percent of the receipts from Albert Heijn and Jumbo contained errors in relation to the prices in the stores.

Aldi made the fewest mistakes, five of the hundred articles viewed had the wrong price.

The consumer organization emphasizes that price differences at the store do not necessarily turn out badly for the consumer.

For 51 products, the price at the checkout was lower than indicated in the store.

The checkout price of 36 products was higher than expected.

Bottom line, price increases did hit harder, because price differences were greater there.

According to the Consumers' Association, most errors are the result of the slow change of shelf labels after price changes.

A solution for this, according to the Consumers' Association, is the introduction of electronic price tags, with which price changes can be resolved more easily.

Although the consumer organization adds that they also encountered price deviations for products with digital price tags.