Hudson's Bay still has to pay lessors of buildings in Tilburg and Almere 3.1 million euros.

The retail chain signed a contract with the landlords to stay in the premises for at least ten years, but left much earlier.

The company must therefore still pay part of the rent,

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Tuesday based on two recent rulings by the court in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam subdistrict court recently ruled that Hudson's Bay must pay the rent for the shops in Almere and Tilburg for this year.

The group rented 10,000 square meters in Almere.

The company owes the lessor of this property 1.3 million euros.

In Tilburg, the store had an area of ​​almost 12,500 square meters.

Hudson's Bay still has to pay 1.8 million euros for this.

The company argued that the rental guarantee is invalid because the landlords are guilty of cartels.

As a result, they would even have been guilty of the bankruptcy, but the judge did not agree.

Hudson's Bay entered into a ten-year contract with the landlords because the company wanted the landlords to make major renovations to the premises.

The chain has opened fifteen large department stores in the Netherlands in recent years.

It soon became apparent that the formula did not work.

In September last year, the company announced it was leaving the Netherlands.