KLM is not obliged to fire the staff who were most recently hired in the current round of layoffs.

The Amsterdam court determined this on Tuesday in a lawsuit that was filed by the trade union for cabin crew VNC.

The airline has to make significant cuts because of the COVID-19 pandemic and because the government has made this a condition for the 3.4 billion euros in loans and state guarantees it provides.

VNC wants KLM to apply the lifo principle (last in, first out) during the dismissal round and wanted to enforce this through the courts.

However, the airline does not see much in this.

It would mean that the company would have to fire a relatively large number of young employees, because they were the last to be employed.

It would also mean that more people would have to be fired in order to achieve the same savings as if older employees were also fired.

After all, young employees earn less on average than older employees.

VNC felt that KLM should apply the lifo principle because this would have been agreed in the collective labor agreement.

The court did not agree with that.

According to the court, the fact that KLM does apply the lifo principle when firing pilots does not necessarily mean that this also applies to cabin crew.

Earlier, the court came to the same conclusion as the court on Tuesday.

VNC is now examining whether it continues to litigate.