The trade association for the fireworks industry and fifteen Rotterdam retailers who sell fireworks, are filing a lawsuit against the municipality of Rotterdam to get the ban on firing.

They announced this on Friday.

The industry questions whether a total ban is legal from a legal point of view.

The municipality of Rotterdam made the total prohibition on setting off fireworks by private individuals on April 23, by agreeing to an amendment to the General Local Regulation (APV).

According to the fireworks industry, the municipality has ignored objections from the industry.

They also cite the Amsterdam situation in which a fireworks ban would have been put on hold because this would be 'legally risky'.

"By going to court, the industry wants to quickly gain clarity about what is and is not allowed", according to Pyrotechniek Nederland, Stichting VwoningenCheck and the fifteen entrepreneurs.

"This is to prevent local arbitrariness and a patchwork of local rules about whether or not to set off fireworks."

According to a spokesperson for the industry, legal action could only now be taken because they were told last week by the municipality that it is going through the ban.